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  Lee facial paralysis specialist using patented product (Patent Number: 201410833138X,2020100848726。企业标准:Q/YYSG001-2020, People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office patent search website: http://www.sipo.gov.cn/, query methods see "Patent Search" window ) 9 ancestral generation (Li Jizhong, MD, 18339505898) cures facial paralysis stroke sequela hemiplegia: hemifacial atrophy , stiff facial muscles, facial hair tight linkage mouth and eyes, watery eyes, hemiplegia. Our family secret recipe from a philosophical perspective, highly summarized in one life, Earth, from there to the whole process. Original prescription of yin and yang, rather than remedy. Wind is riddled with long, expelling not only to treat a variety of paralysis, but also back to the old is also less, Jiufu longevity, routine health care. Almost touching the highest proposition of the medical profession - longevity. It can also count on our family medicine not lived in vain. Professional specialist treatment due to exhaustion, cold, cold, angry, dig ears, teeth, fillings, extractions, angry, alcoholism, drug toxicity, otitis media, excessive blood loss, trauma, ear herpes zoster, auditory nerve myelin tumor surgery After stroke surface encephalitis, polio causes paralysis and other sequelae of hemiplegia (duration 3 months - - 50 years). First proposed facial paralysis cure "Lee standard": "eyes as big smile when the mouth is not distorted, as high brow lift, not thirsty mouth, eyes, afraid of the wind, sky noodles not tight." Release Lee promised: "Invalid first course, for a full refund." All patients willing to refund all sequelae of cases must personally be attending, Lee signed an undertaking to carry identity cards, in order to ensure the interests of both parties are not infringed. Sick for many years, after many years of multi-treatment ineffective cases, the first college course I can be effective within 17 days. The so-called effective patient is afraid of the wind tearing eyes sensitive to light relief, plug food relief, relieve tight facial hair, tinnitus relief, eyebrows larger range of activities, mouth crooked alleviate etc., effective not effective we say not, patients themselves most clearly.

  The main treatment onset in recovery face three months or less of paralysis, the main symptoms are: the side not brow lift, ipsilateral eye can not be completely closed, drooling ipsilateral ipsilateral Cypriot food, ipsilateral tongue dysgeusia, mouth twisted to one another side. Fast one day be able to cure, slow first course of eight days will be better a ninety eight percent. Some patients say, the disease large hospitals are acupuncture, he did not tie him good prescription acupuncture do? You find him, and he said he would not be able to cure it? Lee Jinzun teachings of our forefathers: "grassroots level, the heart of the people, serve the people wholeheartedly." To be able to cure the patient as soon as possible, to avoid complications, as well as to pass more reputation, from now Where the first onset, duration of acute cases within three days, and can be used on the drug free for 3 days. China won the first national medical and pharmaceutical science and technology will be awarded the "national characteristics of medical institutions" in the Great Hall of the China Research Society of TCM difficult disease expert technical committee awarded the "healthy envoy" in 2004, Beijing Xinglin International Institute of Chinese Medicine awarded the "2005 Xinglin excellence ", the first Chinese health care will be awarded in the Great Hall of the international exchange" incurable disease killer "and so on, to be recognized by the international medical community, and China Central Television," People's Daily "and other media reports, the intangible cultural heritage National patent 201410833138X,2020100848726。企业标准:Q/YYSG001-2020.

  Only a quarter of the probability of success for each doctor, because there are four possible cases, one patient believed that the doctors will not treat doctors + = no fate treatment is not good; Second, the patient does not believe that the doctors + doctors do not treat = no fate treatment is not good; Third, the patient does not believe that the doctor will treat doctors + = fate not to treat bad; Fourth, patients believe that doctors + the doctor will have to treat = fate You can cure.


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